Introducing the Accountant Access tool from ComplYant

Everything you need to streamline client management and help manage their business tax requirements in one place.

The Accountant Access tool gives you more visibility with an easy-to-use dashboard that allows your firm to track client calendar reminders across all tax types, monitor tax budget estimations, and communicate with clients about tax specific questions – all in one place. Accountants & Tax Professionals – claim your access to this invaluable dashboard. It’s free*, and you’ll instantly become a part of our Partner Program where you earn rewards for onboarding clients!

Please Note: Platform not currently enabled for businesses outside of the United States, though we hope to make it available worldwide in the future. We will never sell your data.

About Our Partner Program

Claim your Accountant Access and become a part of our partner program absolutely free! As a part of the program, you’ll earn a $100 reward for every client you onboard to our platform*. To join, simply sign up, upload a client list, and send your clients an invite! Once they sign and start using the platform, you’ll have access to their tax deadlines, reminders, and more on one easy-to-use dashboard!

*Rewards cannot be redeemed unless a client has retained a ComplYant membership for at least 60 days. Personal use of the ComplYant platform is free for one firm forever – to add another firm to your account, additional fees will be applied. We will never sell you or your client’s information to a third party.

We Want Your Feedback

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