Engineer - Frontend Focused

Los Angeles, CA

ComplYant is a startup committed to solving the business tax problem. Businesses are paying billions in tax penalties every single year for filing forms or making payments after they are due. We aid small business owners by using technology in taking charge of their tax requirements with deadline tracking, budgeting, and so much more. We are not a tax firm.

We are a technology startup putting the power back in the hands of the business owner. We want to completely upend the status quo that says only the rich can benefit from great tax support. We segregate work into teams. This means you’ll have a team leader to help guide your work to ensure we all stay on task and collectively continue to build something we all believe in. But what this also means is that you may be able to join other teams to learn and grow because we don’t believe in siloed skills and teams. We are better as a whole if we all can contribute anywhere and everywhere our skill sets could be of value.

What you get to do

  • Work with a team of highly-skilled and knowledgeable developers
  • Redefine and improve our product experience, from user stories through implementation
  • Own the frontend for our primary application
  • Work with Blade templates, VueJS, Tailwind, Bootstrap and more!
  • Integrate with our Laravel application
  • Be a key part of evolving our platform by collaborating on decisions around technologies like Inertia vs Livewire, Tailwind vs Bootstrap (vs Bulma), and many more

Your background likely includes

  • A few years of frontend-heavy web development
  • Developing user stories or design specifications
  • Accessibility standards for web platforms
  • Many of the following technologies (or similar):
    VueJS, Inertia, Livewire, Tailwind 2, Bootstrap 4, Git, Laravel, Mix, Nova, Vapor, oAuth
  • Demonstrable end results for your skills

Bonus Points

  • Full-stack Laravel-ecosystem expert
  • The mythical Designer / Developer powerhouse
  • Have contributed to open source / community projects
  • Can explain the difference between mutable and immutable objects
  • If you’ve ever freelanced or run your own business


  • that you interview as yourself, not who you want us to believe that you are.
  • that you actually understand what we are building and believe you can be an asset and not just someone looking for a paycheck.
  • that you have amazing time management skills, we are not a babysitting service.
  • that you value and respect others differences, we will dismiss you quickly if you do not.

Why us?

Check out our Careers Page for more info on our company and its culture.