ComplYant FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about ComplYant, business tax, and more.


What tax can I manage with ComplYant?

With ComplYant you can manage business taxes such as sales tax, federal and state income tax, annual reports, business personal property tax, and business licenses.

Can you help me prepare and file my taxes?

Coming soon - yes! We are building out ComplYant so that you’ll be able to manage, prepare, file, and pay your business taxes right through us - easy peasy. Note: ComplYant is not an advisory firm - while we can help guide you through the filing process, we do not give specific tax advice. Always talk to a tax advisor if you have questions regarding your tax situation.

Why are entrepreneurs failing at managing their business tax? How big is the problem?

It’s an estimated $60 billion dollar a year problem (probably more). Entrepreneurs are busy, and they’re not tax experts - nor should they have to be. Tax in the U.S. is complicated, and you shouldn’t have to become a CPA just to run a business. And to make matters worse, if you don’t pay attention to your taxes or you cross your fingers and hope that the bookkeeper you hired can do everything you need done, that’s when scary things can happen - huge fines, audits, or worse.

How does the software remind me about my tax deadlines?

Great question - ComplYant provides both a custom deadline calendar for your business, as well as email reminders and in-app notifications so you’ll never forget a tax deadline again.

How does ComplYant help me budget and save for taxes?

ComplYant is full of great tools that can help you budget and save for future tax bills. Check them out on our features page!

I already have a CPA or bookkeeper, can ComplYant help me?

Absolutely! You can use ComplYant as a part of your relationship with an existing CPA, bookkeeper, or any tax professional.

How does ComplYant save me time and money?

Consider us your digital tax assistant! We take away the time you’d be spending trying to guess what business taxes you owe and when. Once you know what you owe, when it's due, and how to pay it, you’ll be ahead of the game! Plus, our tool lets you know when you’ve got an upcoming deadline so that you can avoid paying late fees or penalties.

I’m a seller on Etsy / Shopify / etc. Can I use ComplYant?

Definitely. ComplYant can help online retailers and eCommerce stores manage their sales tax, state and federal income tax, and more from one easy dashboard. Have more questions? Contact us - we’re here to help!

Are the documents and information I submit safe and secure?

Absolutely. Our security system is multi-layered to protect your information, and we back up your data continuously.

What is business tax?

The term business tax encompasses the taxes that a company must pay as a normal part of business operations. Some examples of business taxes are federal and state income tax, business licenses, annual reports, sales tax, and property tax. Whatever your business structure, from a sole proprietor to a corporation, your business is responsible to pay these taxes and adhere to tax rules and regulations (also known as being in compliance).

Is ComplYant available to non-US Citizens or foreign entities?

Yes! As long as the business is registered in the United States, and business is being conducted within the US.

Is this cheaper than hiring a bookkeeper / CPA / consultant?

We don’t consider ourselves a replacement to bookkeepers or CPAs - we are a complement to their services. You should use us both! On average, businesses spend more than twice a yearly ComplYant subscription on tax penalties and interest (sometimes a lot more) - and that can happen any time you miss a deadline. One of the great things about ComplYant is that we work in tandem with tax professionals, helping both you and your consultant have more visibility into your business tax deadlines, budgeting, and much more.

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