Simple Tax & Accounting For Your Small Business

When you’re launching a new business, there’s a lot of work behind the scenes — including setting up the back office. Our brand new course from ComplYant founder and CEO, Shiloh Johnson, teaches you to optimize your tax prep and accounting in 12 easy-to-follow steps, so you have the fuel you need for a successful liftoff.

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Simplify Tax & Accounting For Your Small Business

Business tax is complex. Shiloh is here to simplify. In this 12-video course, we’re leaving fancy jargon behind so you can master the basics and start your business off right. Avoid big mistakes, late fees, penalties, and interest all thanks to your new tax and accounting know-how. How’s that for a confidence boost? Sign up now!

1.How to Setup your business
How to select and set up your entity (1:40:00)
What bank accounts and credit cards will benefit your business (00:30:00)
What tax accounts to set up and how (00:45:00)
What is bookkeeping (01:45:49)
2.Bookkeeping for Beginners
Connecting bank and credit accounts (00:42:40)
Setting up a chart of accounts (01:30:30)
How to categorize transactions (00:35:05)
To reconcile or not to reconcile that is the questions (02:04:50)
3.Easing tax anxiety
What tax to pay and when (01:05:40)
What does bookkeeping have to do with tax (01:35:30)
Deductions and tax tips to help save money on tax bills (00:48:00)
How and when to hire help (01:08:18)
Set Your Business Up for Success

Use This Course To Help Your Business Shine

Don't spend hours and $$$ doing it the hard way.

Tax is complicated. You could easily spend 100 hours googling financial jargon and trying to figure everything out on your own, hire an accountant, hire a bookkeeper, etc. - OR - you could take this course and gain confidence and independence in setting up your business. Sweet deal, right?

Skip the penalties and late fees.

When you’ve got a solid plan in place for your business finances and you know what taxes you’ll owe and when they’re due, you’ll be able to avoid big mistakes, penalties & late fees easy peasy. (Doesn’t hurt to have a ComplYant account to help you remember, either!)

You're in control.

We’re pretty sure if you look up “Small Business Owner” in the dictionary, the definition will say (noun) busy; not enough hours in the day; needs more arms. But the great news with this course is that you can go through it as slowly or as quickly as you have time for. You do you!


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About the Instructor

Shiloh Johnson is a a 15 year tenured accountant who started her own company to to ensure that organizations of all colors, shapes, and sizes have access to accurate fiscal guidance. Rooted in the firm belief that complex tax laws and nuanced regulations often create barriers for small or underrepresented business owners, her goal is to uplift new business owners through education.

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This course is awesome.

-Jill Johnson, SMB name

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