Solo Entrepreneurs

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ComplYant Helps Solopreneurs

With estimated taxes, shifting tax deadlines, sales tax changes, and PPP loan repayment, being on your own while operating like a corporation is overwhelming. The average solopreneur is required to file 12 tax forms on average every single year, taking up countless hours of your precious time. What’s more, filing late or missing deadlines can cost an average of $2500 a year.

What’s an entrepreneur to do? Partner with ComplYant and let us help you remove tax obstacles so you can focus on helping your company grow.

Never forget
any tax deadlines

Easily save
for future tax bills

Get help with
confusing tax notices

Take the guess-work
out of tax budgeting

A few features that will benefit your
business in 2021 and beyond:

Custom Tax Reminders

Tax Wallet (Tax Savings Automation)

Manage One or More Businesses In One Place

Tax Notice Reviewer

Secure Document Storage

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Try ComplYant for free to see how these features and more can help your company.