Tax Tips for Freelancers

Live webinar took place on 03-08-2022 @ 02:00 PM ET
Ro Williams
DeMei Vaughan-Anderson

If you’re self-employed as a freelancer or a contractor, you already know doing taxes for your business isn’t easy. But do you know there are hundreds of expenses you could deduct (write-off)? Find out more about that, plus more great tips during our 30-minute webinar with Ro Williams.

Ro Williams is the Tax Research Manager at ComplYant. She is an experienced professional in the tax industry and has previously held positions at an International Law firm and Public Accounting firms.

Note: This topic covers U.S. business taxes only.

Recording Highlights

  • 3:40 - Business entity formation
  • 7:20 - Industry Type
  • 10:47 - Accurate Accounting
  • 12:57 - Business Banking
  • 14:54 - Sales Tax License
  • 16:47 - Bonus: 1099
  • 19:37 - Q&A