Where Do Your Business Taxes Go?

Live webinar took place on 04-19-2022 @ 02:00 PM ET
Fran (Moderator)

You work all year to make your business a success, and then you have to work some more to manage, file, and pay business taxes. Where does that money even go? Find out more during our 30-minute webinar with Rick Bromund.

We want to create a community around small businesses, so at the end of the talk, we’ll open it up to live questions from attendees! Tell us about you, your business & what you want to know.

Rick heads up the tax research team at ComplYant. He's an experienced professional in the tax industry and has previously held positions at Fortune 500 companies as well as one of the big 4 accounting firms.

Note: This topic covers U.S. business taxes only.

Recording Highlights

  • 1:36 - What are business taxes?
  • 2:28 - Employment/Self-Employment Taxes
  • 4:00 - Payroll Tax Allocation
  • 5:24 - Where does it go?
  • 6:20 - What are state and local business taxes?
  • 7:50 - State revenue source
  • 8:58 - Where does state revenue go?
  • 9:25 - Local business taxes
  • 12:28 - Property tax bill
  • 13:33 - Q&A